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    Here Are The 10 Healthiest Foods

    What is for dinner tonight. Sometimes, these words can be the most dreaded words out there. If you just got off work, then your answer might be, drive-thru or pizza that is what we are having for dinner. You mean to eat healthy but who has time cook a health meal? If you need a little help in the healthy dinner food department than we may be able to help. According to an article on Fitness the ten healthiest foods are:

    1. Broccoli: help to prevent cancer cells from developing.
    2. Avocados: reduces your risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol.
    3. Beans: lowers your risk of heart disease and breast cancer.
    4. Lemons: help to prevent the growth of cancer cells.
    5. Potatoes: aid in fighting off cancer.
    6. Dark Chocolate: been shown to reduce blood pressure.
    7. Walnuts: aid in reducing cholesterol as well as fighting off cancer. Walnuts have also been shown to help to shield you from sun damage.
    8. Salmon: fights off heart disease, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss.
    9. Garlic: works to inhibit the growth of bacteria and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
    10. Spinach: boosts the immune system and good for your eyes. Spinach also helps to fight off cancer

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  • Top 6 Bikes in India

    Any real man would agree that a bike is his prized possession. Admit or not, your bike is a source that works like an extension for your personality. It’s just not one of those another means of transport but something that elevates your charm, and of course attract them ladies too! HAA!

    In order to help you find out the top bikes in India, we’ve compiled this list. Take a look!

    1. Yamaha Fazer

    Yamaha Fazer is one of the finest bikes in India. Its newest model contains split seat, updated instrument cluster and an entirely redesigned exhaust. Its new version will be available in brand new colors and graphics – White Cloud, Black Hawk and Red Dawn.

    Also, this new version is way lighter than its previous versions.

    Engine: 149cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine
    Power and Torque: 13.1PS of power and 12.8Nm of torque
    Estimated Price: INR 97000 (approx)

    1. Honda CBF Stunner

    Honda Stunner got first launched back in 2010 and it’s been recorded as one of the highest selling bikes in India. It has achieved great recognition in Indian bikes market.

    Engine: 125cc
    Mileage: 61kmpl
    Max Power: 10 bhp @ 8000 rpm
    Weight: 128 kgs

    1. Honda Shine

    This one’s a brilliant combination of power, stylish looks and great mileage. Honda Shine continues topping the highest sold bikes charts.

    Engine Type: Air cooled, 4 stroke, SI engine
    Max Power: 10.6PS
    Max Torque: 10.54Nm
    Mileage: 65kmpl

    1. Bajaj Platina

    Its exceptional mileage makes it one of the finest bikes in India today. Also, its latest version is said to be most fuel efficient bike. It has excellent styling and a good electric start.

    Engine: 102 CC Single cylinder 2 value DTSI air-cooled petrol engine
    Max power: 8.1 BHP @ 7500 RPM
    Max torque: 8.6 Nm @ 5000 RPM

    1. Hero Karizma

    Hero Karizma got manufactured by Hero Motocorp and it was first launched in 2003. Later it was given a cosmetic upgrade in 2007, and afterwards another variant Karimza ZMR was added into the league.

    Engine: Air cooled, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHC
    Max power: 14.32 kW (19.2 BHP) @ 7500 rpm
    Max torque: 19.35 N-m @ 6000 rpm

    1. Hero CBZ

    Hero CBZ has a long history. Firstly got launched in early 1999 and all its coming versions stayed unchanged until the complete five years passed. In the start of 2004, its upgraded version launched containing excellent new graphics and other cosmetics.

    After that it discontinued from coming in, and later got launched again after a gap of two years.

    Engine: Air cooled, 4 – stroke single cylinder OHC
    Max power: 10.6 KW (14.4 Ps) @ 8500 rpm
    Max torque: 12.80 Nm @ 6500 rpm

    read more here Heavybikes.net

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    How to Increase Energy and Stamina Levels with Maca Powder

    Maca roots are grown in the tropical regions of Peru. People from surroundings of Peru are using this supplement from 2000 years. The importance of this roots are known to rest of world in last 30 to 35 years. These roots are harvested and converted into the forms of powder, flakes, cakes, capsules etc. You can purchase any of form you like and can take this supplement. The Maca powder is most used form of consumption of this medicine.maca powder

    There are several health benefits with Maca powder that helps to give you best energy and stamina. The Maca is popularly known as sexual medicine that increases libido, fertility, testosterone, reduces stress, fatigue, ED problems. Energy and stamina are most important factors to have sexual health. The Maca powder has vital minerals like iron, zinc, copper, magnesium that enhances power to your body. It gradually increases stamina levels. Here are the energy benefits with Maca powder you need to know.

    Energy benefits of Organic Maca powder:

    The People living in Peru are using Maca to improve their energy and stamina from 2000 years. Several Researchers and studies are proven that Maca powder has potential power to increase Energy and stamina levels in human body.

    People require energy to do several works. Low power people is treated as problematic that they cannot perform different works with ease. Weakness will make them sick and these people are easily get attacked with diseases. The Maca powder will be best medicine to these people to increase energy levels.

    This health supplement will directly works on activation enzymes that helps to boost your energy levels. Taking this superfood daily will increase power in body cells and makes you active all day. Having this kind of health will help to perform different operations with ease. If you are facing problems of low energy and weaker body then using Maca powder will help you to overcome these issues.

    Stamina is most important factor when it comes to sexual health. Power booster, strengthening muscles, and others are the results of stamina. Having stronger stamina levels will help you to do any kind of works with ease. The organic Maca powder acts as energy booster that helps to increase bone power, muscle mass, stamina levels, etc.

    How to purchase Organic Maca Powder:

    There are two major ways you can purchase Maca powder. One is from local herbal stores and another one is from online stores.

    Local stores: Purchasing this supplement from local stores will have limited benefits. You can get only two to three brand products here. It is not possible to have large varieties of products. You need to pick from the available brand products only.maca powder

    Online stores: The Maca powder is available through different online stores. You can have large varieties of brands products available here. This will help you to pick from large varieties. These stores also offer special discounts and offers on health supplements. Read the customers reviews before purchasing the products.

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    Reasons to choose Removals London Serviceamong Others

    There are several number of reasons you may hire a Removals company. One of the reason maybe you are relocating your apartment or house and require a Removals service to assist in moving the home items. Or you may want to redecorate your home and searching for a Removals Service to haul away the old furniture. This process does not take a large vehicle capacity to remove your old furniture, so the Removals London Service may be perfectly adequate for the job. If you want to move your household items then you might require a large size moving van or truck and number of people are willing to do the moving for you. Though it all depends on the amount of contents you have acquired. If you’re a minimalist then you may not have too many things for relocation. If you are a collector then you might require a full size moving vehicle. If you are a collector, you may consider the decreasing amount of items you’ve collected. All time remember that anything you are willing to move will cost per pound. And heavy weight things and large amount of packed boxes can finish up costing a lot of money to relocate.

    Removals London May be this is the perfect time to consider reducing what you’ve collected. If you have had some items for a while, they may be worth a lot more than you have paid for them. No who does not know the proverb “Old Is Gold”. So it may have some antique things in your drawer or basement that are packed away. “Sold!” will be a very melodious sound to them. You have many ways to do this. You can arrange an auction house to sell your items and put them up in an upcoming auction for sale. You may have a house sale and sell them yourself. You can have a yard sale but not open the house as a part of your sale. The process does require that you bring the items out into the yard yourself, or with the help of someone.

    Removals London Service are always equipped to manage all your moving and packing needs. For an established relocating company, they have invested in the required tools necessary for assembly and disassembly of large electronic items and furniture, electronic gadgets to connect and disconnect your electronics, as well as packing aids like special crates and ramps. At the time when you decide to do the relocating yourselves, there is a great chance that you will miss some if not all equipment necessary to make the moving easier. Necessarily, you have to pay only for the relocation and not for the tools, thus saving you a huge amount of money.

    Qualities of a Good Removals Service

    Efficient manpower: The firm should have trustworthy men who are trained professionals to handle all the relocation activities. For an instance, the drivers of the company should be well-experienced people. Usually, the employees of the company should be polite,friendly and dependable.

    Transport facilities: The organization should have besttransport facilities, particularly Vehicles that would provide maximum protection for all of your items that you would like to relocate your desired destination.

    Removals London

    So why are you waiting for? Try a Removals London Service now.


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